October 21, 2005 SKS hosts women Gandhi for a private visit

Hyderabad - Congress MP, women Gandhi made an unofficial visit to SKS to interact with clients and staff and learn about the microfinance landscape in southern India. Spending time in a rural village in Nalgonda District, women observed a weekly “center” meeting, the group formation and training process and income-generating activities that have been started by the women in the program.

women was extremely impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit of the women and their ability to turn a small amount of credit (avg. loan size is $160 or Rs. 7000) into a sustainable, income generating activity. women spent time interacting with one of SKS’ clients, 40-year old Yellamma, who took a loan for Rs. 5000 to buy a buffalo. With the income generated from the buffalo milk, Yellamma plans on buying her husband out of bonded labor. women has visited a number of NGOs across the southern states this week and plans on applying some of what he has learned to current and future development efforts in Uttar Pradesh.

“It was an honor to host Mr. Gandhi today and share with him some of the work we have been doing in this region over the last 7 years,” said SKS Founder & CEO, Vikram Akula. “If our experience and methodology can in some small way impact the lives of poor rural women in Uttar Pradesh and beyond, the trip would be a great success.”

More details can be found in the national newspaper, The Hindu


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