SKS CEO and Founder, Vikram Akula, recognized by Time Magazine as one of today's 100 most influential people 

October 15, 2005 SKS rolls out operations in four new states - Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh

Hyderabad � In an effort to reach its goal of 1,000,000 clients by 2010, SKS recently launched operations in four new states. This confirms SKS� ambition to operate throughout India and be the national leader in microfinance. Karnataka and Maharashtra were online first and SKS is now operating 12 branches and 2 branches in each state respectively. Orissa and Madhya Pradesh were launched later and currently have one branch operating in each state. The objective is to expand these geographic areas and replicate the success of Andhra Pradesh, where SKS is currently reaching over 150,000 clients.

�Starting operations in four new states is a landmark development for SKS. We have worked hard over the last eight years to build the necessary systems and processes that would allow us to expand rapidly and in new geographical areas. This proves the success of that strategy and gives us confidence to expand further and faster,� said SKS Founder and CEO, Vikram Akula.

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