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With an outreach of over 300,000 members across 11 states, SKS Microfinance has been successfully providing financial services to the poor throughout India since 1998. Despite this achievement, SKS recognizes that traditional microfinance has often not been able to reach the poorest of the poor across the world. These poorest of the poor do not fit within the current structure of microfinance because potential members lack stable incomes; they have no job prospects, suffer from health-related issues, are uneducated, and/or are starving and in need of a reliable food supply.

SKS Assist* is a new program aimed at empowering the destitute -- the segment of society that has traditionally been left out of the microfinance sphere. SKS Assist aims to combine livelihood support and financial services to enable the poorest of the poor to create and foster businesses that will enable them to become traditional SKS Microfinance members � and create sustainable change in their lives. The program involves three phases: meeting basic needs, skills training and starting an income-generating activity.

Phase I: Meeting Basic Needs

SKS Assist members will be provided food grains and other support services free-of-cost for the entire duration of the program. Providing basic livelihood support allows women to be free from the burden of feeding their family, which gives them the opportunity to concentrate on the next two phases of the program, skills training and starting a business.
Phase II: Skills Training

Members will undergo skills training for a period of up to 6 months. Training programs will be tailored to the needs of each member, and may include animal rearing, shop-keeping and/or financial literacy training.
Phase III: Starting an Income Generating Activity

At the end of the training period, members will be granted a loan to start an income-generating-activity of their choosing. For the next fifty weeks, a trained SKS staff member will guide members in the process of starting and maintaining a business. Credit discipline will also be inculcated so members repay their loans, thereby ensuring members truly own their businesses. At the end of the loan period, the Assist member will be encouraged to �graduate� from the program and become a traditional SKS Microfinance member.
* SKS Assist is modeled on the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) Income Generation for Vulnerable Groups Development (IGVGD) program.

If interested in learning more, please contact SKS Assist Program Manager, Suma Reddy, at [email protected]

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