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VP Risk Management

VP – Risk Management
Location of Position: Head Office - Hyderabad
Department: Risk Management
Reports to: CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Job Summary:

We seek an individual to serve in a new senior management role to elevate the level of our existing risk management and oversight capabilities across all of our lines of business and corporate operations. This person will work in partnership with senior business leaders, the company's risk oversight committees, and other risk management functions to protect “SKS” as an organization.

Reporting to our CEO, this individual will possess superior leadership qualities, a deep knowledge of audit and risk management practices, and wide ranging business acumen. The role is not limited in scope to financial or regulatory risks, and will delve deeply into operational and other issues which bring Risk to the organization.

  • Partner with senior business managers to identify, assess and prioritize business risks and influence the successful implementation of strategies and methodologies to manage those risks.
  • Assist with designing and building a robust, sustainable business risk framework that advances organizations capability to closely review key risk areas within our primary business lines on an ongoing basis.
  • Play a lead role in communicating with the Risk Oversight Committees (ROC) and Audit Committee to help ensure appropriate and effective risk oversight and monitoring.
  • Develop, refine and consult on company policies and procedures that will build upon our organizational effectiveness. This includes proactively monitoring industry and regulatory developments to integrate new or best practices.
  • Promote a shared understanding of company policies and procedures within the business areas to encourage behavior consistent with them
  • Collaborate closely with the Operational Risk Assessment (ORA) process to evaluate the effective implementation of risk identification, validation of controls, and mitigation/monitoring strategies.
  • Creatively identify and engage diverse resources (including human and technological) to help implement the overall effort of assessing and managing risks.
  • Assists the CEO and the Executive Committee’s to develop and communicate risk management policies, risk appetite and risk limits.
  • Assists management with integrating risk management with the strategy development process
  • Assists the Board and senior management to establish and communicate the organization’s ERM objectives and direction
  • Establishes, communicates and facilitates the use of appropriate ERM methodologies, tools and techniques
  • Assists in developing risk mitigation strategies for the organization’s critical risks and for monitoring these risks
  • Works with business units to establish, maintain and continuously improve risk management capabilities
  • Facilitates enterprise-wide risk assessments and monitors priority risks across the organization
  • Implements appropriate risk reporting to the CEO, Executive Committee, Board and senior management
  • Ensures effective alignment between the ERM process, internal audit and risk financing
  • Conducts risk management education and training from time to time
  • Assists the CEO and the executive committee with capital and resource allocation decisions
  • Provide an independent view regarding proposed business plans and transactions
  • Develop project risk management capabilities within the organization
  • Develop and implement an IT strategy to support ERM
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • Significant experience leading complex business functions in accounting or industry so as to develop both broad operational expertise and leadership skills. Relevant experience with the Big4, and/or global finance industries is preferred.
  • In depth knowledge of audit and risk management methodologies gained from practical experience with assessing, documenting, validating, designing, implementing and monitoring internal controls. Also seeking a blend of operational, financial and regulatory expertise.
  • Expert skills and experience with implementing and positively influencing enterprise-wide risk assessment processes and mitigation procedures
  • Ability to build relationships with and influence senior management regarding sensitive and complex matters - utilizing consultative skills, strong logic and judgment, independent thinking, and a proactive service orientation
  • Strong track record of leading and managing projects that deliver value-added results consistent with the true goals of SKS
  • Excellent analytical skills, including the ability to think outside existing risk management practices/models and demonstrate foresight about potential issues and opportunities
  • Outstanding communication skills - ability to convey compelling arguments while maintaining rapport - effective one-on-one and in small and large groups across the organization
  • A work ethic characterized by high integrity and behavior, which will serve as a role model to others on issues related to business ethics
  • Superior judgment to gauge which issues require oversight/delegation and which require a hands-on, in-depth approach
Education, Qualifications required:
  • Chartered Accountant / MBA (Premier business schools) with experience in Big4 essential
  • 10 to 15 years of Financial services industry experience is required
  • a sound understanding of ERM principles and philosophy
  • ability to think strategically
  • excellent communication skills
  • excellent facilitation skills
  • able to organize and motivate others, who in many cases may be in a more senior position
  • ability to work with all levels of management and across business units and departments
  • broad understanding of all key areas of the organization
  • have a strong presence and can interact effectively with the Board, CEO and senior management
  • keen and effective team player
  • ability to analyze and interpret large volumes of data
  • creative problem solving
  • ability to manage time and subordinates effectively
  • an ability to understand and interpret financial information and principles


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