October 21, 2005 SKS accepted into MicroFinance Network

Washington, DC - The MicroFinance Network (MFN, www.mfnetwork.org), a global association of leading microfinance practitioners committed to improving the quality of lives of the poor through the provision of credit, savings, and other financial services, adds SKS to its exclusive membership organization.

Of the six new MFIs accepted at this year�s annual conference in Bolivia, SKS was the only MFI to be accepted from India, where arguably the most number of MFIs are based. �These new members, who already play important leading roles in their respective markets, will enrich the Network through their unique experience in microfinance,� said Kelly Hattel, Director of the MicroFinance Network. �The diversity of these institutions in terms of structure and geography will also broaden the reach of the MicroFinance Network as it continues to support sustainable microfinance that can reach the largest number of people.�

You can find more information about the MFNetwork and membership here,


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