The SKS management information system (MIS) is the cornerstone of the organizations� technology platform. It enables SKS to manage small transactions efficiently, increase staff productivity, reduce operational costs, provide accountability for funds, and generate reports for effective and efficient management and decision-making. Below are specific features of the system:
Accurate and easy to use. SKS staff members have little or no computer experience before joining SKS. Accordingly, the MIS was built with an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) so that anyone could learn to use it in a matter of days regardless of education level or computer training. In addition, it is available in over 100 languages with associated fonts.
Designed for scale. SKS always envisioned rapid expansion and exponential growth. To support this, the MIS was designed and built as a series of modules that can be added and subtracted as the needs of the organization change. The MIS also has a high degree of flexibility, with the capability to track over 100 types of savings, loans and insurance products.
Integrated with accounts. SKS� financial portfolio is directly linked to its backend accounting function through the MIS. All outgoing transactions are automatically entered into the accounts module and tracked.
Extensive reporting. With thousands of clients in thousands of rural villages across India, it�s extremely important for the organization to accurately track activity at a micro-level. The MIS reporting feature allows corporate office staff to see activity at an individual level and respond quickly to any problems in the field.
Real-time, Online Data Transfer. In order to stay up to date on all field level operations, SKS has developed an online data transfer system that allows it to send summary data back to the head office on a daily basis. All branch level transactions are consolidated and compressed so that they can be sent over a dial-up connection in less than 2 minutes.