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The People's Fund The ultimate goal of this five-year project is to enable Grameen Trust to reach 10 million extremely poor families with credit by the year 2005 by supporting a growing number of intermediary organizations throughout the world.

The Microcredit Summit Campaign brings together microcredit practitioners, advocates, educational institutions, donor agencies, international financial institutions, non-governmental organizations and others involved with microcredit to promote best practices in the field, to learn from each other, and to work towards reaching our goal.

Grameen Bank has reversed conventional banking practice by removing the need for collateral and created a banking system based on mutual trust, accountability, participation and creativity. GB provides credit to the poorest of the poor in rural Bangladesh, without any collateral, supporting a cost effective weapon to fight poverty and serving as a catalyst in the over all development of socio-economic conditions of the poor.

The Virtual Library on Microcredit
Resources on microcredit

Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest (CGAP) A consortium of 27 bilateral and multilateral donor agencies who support microfinance. Includes a Microfinance Gateway offering over 1,500 documents.


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