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How does SKS Work?

Village Survey

Projection Meetings


Group Formation

Sangam Formation

Loan Disbursement

Loan Utilization



Once SKS decides to start work in a village, a projection meeting is scheduled during which the villagers are informed about the organization's mission, ideology, products, and procedures. This is the first point of formal contact between the villagers and SKS staff. Projection meetings are typically scheduled during evening hours and are held in a central location in the village to ensure maximum possible participation from village residents.

During projection meetings, great care is taken to identify poor women among the audience who seem interested in SKS' activities. Since many poor women may not come forward in public for reasons of class, caste or gender, SKS staff approach these women individually, either after the meeting or during a follow-up visit.

Armed with the names of some interested persons, the SKS team visits the village the next day to talk to the villagers in more detail about the activities of SKS. The purpose of this "mini-projection" meeting is to clarify any issues, to clear any doubts and to encourage group and sangam formation.

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