SKS Chairperson and Founder, Vikram Akula, recognized by Time Magazine as one of today's 100 most influential people 


Ravi and Pratibha Reddy

Ravi and Pratibha Reddy have supported SKS since its inception, donating over a half a million dollars to the organization through their private foundation. Ravi�s entrepreneurial vision has been a driving force for several companies that he co-founded, including Think Systems, a leading demand management software company acquired by i2 Technologies in 1997. During the same period, Ravi provided his guidance, leadership, and mentorship to SKS as it grew from a small non-profit to the highly successful micro-credit finance organization it is today.
Ravi is a graduate of Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, and he received his MBA from Rutgers University. Currently, Ravi serves as chairman & CEO of Quest Industries LLC, the premier decorator for the wine, spirits, beverage and personal care markets . Among his other philanthropic interests, Ravi serves on the Board and is a Trustee of the American India Foundation.
Sandeep and Vidhya Tungare

Sandeep (Sandy) and Vidhya Tungare through their foundation, the Tungare Manohar Family Foundation, have been early supporters of SKS Microfinance. Sandy�s rare mix of technology vision, keen business acumen and inspirational leadership has enabled him to co-found several successful companies. In 1986, Sandy co-founded Think Systems with Ravi Reddy and he led the company until its successful acquisition in 1997 by i2 Technologies.
A graduate of Bombay University in India, Sandy received his MBA from Rutgers University. Sandy is currently CEO and chairman of Vistaar Technologies, a leading provider of analytical software for product marketing and sales. Among Sandy's other philanthropic pursuits, Sandy is an active member of the Maharashtra Foundation.
American India Foundation -

The American India Foundation (AIF) is a leading international development organization charged with the mission of accelerating social and economic change in India. By mobilizing people and resources across the United States, AIF has raised over $26 million since its inception in 2001. AIF awards grants to education, livelihood, and public health projects in India – with emphases on elementary education, women’s empowerment, and HIV/AIDS, respectively. AIF works out of New York and Silicon Valley in the US, and New Delhi and Bangalore in India. President Bill Clinton serves as Honorary Chair.


More than a billion poor people lack access the basic financial services essential for them to manage their precarious lives. CGAP is a consortium of 31 public and private development agencies working together to expand access to financial services for the poor in developing countries. CGAP was created by these aid agencies and industry leaders to help create permanent financial services for the poor on a large scale (often referred to as "microfinance"). CGAP's unique membership structure and network of worldwide partners make it a potent convening platform to generate global consensus on standards and norms. As such, CGAP is a resource center for the entire microfinance industry, where it incubates and supports new ideas, innovative products, cutting-edge technology, novel mechanisms for delivering financial services, and concrete solutions to the challenges of expanding microfinance. CGAP serves four groups of clients: development agencies, financial institutions including microfinance institutions (MFIs), government policymakers and regulators, and other service providers, such as auditors and rating agencies.

Echoing Green -

Launched in 1987, Echoing Green's mission is to spark social change by identifying, investing and supporting the world's most exceptional emerging leaders and the organizations they launch. Through a two-year fellowship program, we help our network of visionaries develop new solutions to society�s most difficult problems. These social entrepreneurs and their organizations work to close deeply-rooted social, economic and political inequities to ensure equal access and to help all individuals reach his/her potential. Over the past 18 years, Echoing Green has invested over $22 million in seed and start up grants to almost 400 social entrepreneurs and their innovative organizations.

Grameen foundation USA -

Grameen Foundation USA (GFUSA) is a global non-profit organization that combines microfinance, new technologies, and innovation to empower the world's poorest people to escape poverty. Founded in 1997, GFUSA�s global network includes 52 partners in 22 countries. The network has impacted an estimated 7 million lives in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and the Middle East.

India Development Service (IDS) -

India Development Service (IDS) is a nonprofit, non-political, and secular organization supporting economic and social development in India. Dedicated to the effort to empower the disenfranchised, the major activities of IDS are:
  • Project Support
  • Education
  • Publication
Maharashtra Foundation -

Since its establishment in 1977 by ten Marathi families from Rochester, NY, over 1000 generous residents of U.S.A. have sent donations to charitable institutions in India. In addition to the Maharashtra region, the Foundation has sent aid to charities in W. Bengal, Karnatak, Kerala, Gujarat and USA.

The Executive and Disbursement Committees are elected annually by the members of the Foundation. The Executive Committee executes Foundation policies and raises funds. The Disbursement Committee is responsible for approving organizations and disbursing general donations. The Executive Committee conducts many fund raising activities throughout the country. Artists and organizations from all over the world have joined in this effort.

The i2Foundation -

The i2Foundation is dedicated to promoting advances in education, technology, environmental practices, medicine, and economic opportunity through programs that improve quality of life and create a healthier society.
  • Aidmatrix is a not-for-profit online marketplace designed to help streamline the delivery of humanitarian aid. Our goal is to touch 50 million lives by the year 2005.
  • The Grants Program provides funding to charitable organizations whose missions align with that of the i2Foundation. In just 6 grant cycles, the i2Foundation has funded 61 organizations in 29 countries - helping over half a million people around the world.
  • i2Cares helps children break the cycle of poverty, disease, and malnutrition through direct care programs. There are over 5,600 children enrolled in i2 Cares programs in countries around the world.
  • The i2Foundation Relief Program was created in response to the events of September 11th. Through the Relief Program we recognize the need to respond rather than react in times of disaster.


 The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization composed of more than 35 professional women�s organizations, and 50,000 women from around the world. With a variety of programs designed to help improve the economic status of women, TIAW�s global networks enable women both within and outside of its membership to connect, build partnerships, and advance both personally and professionally. Signature programs include the Women on Boards program, designed to assist women develop corporate board experience, and the Microenterprise Development Program, launched in 2000, and dedicated to providing women with access to capital to increase their income levels and control over income, improve self esteem at home and in their community, and create pathways to networks and markets to increase their opportunities to influence at the economic, social and political level. To date, TIAW�s Microenterprise Development Program has contributed more than 15,000 women business owners through this initiative and through its partnerships
unitus -

Unitus envisions a world where microfinance is available to every individual. We work toward this vision by accelerating the growth of the highest-potential microfinance institutions through capital investments and capacity-building consulting, thus empowering them to help exponentially more poor people worldwide.

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