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Name: Raipally Anjamma
Age: 32
Children: Sudhaker, eight years old and Srinavasalu, six years old
Hometown: Raipally Village, Medak District
First Loan: Rs. 5,000 ($114)
Business: Goat Owner

Anjamma is one of the poorest members of Raipally village where SKS has been operating since 1998. Anjamma and her husband are Dalits ("untouchables") and work as landless laborers. Together, they earn Rs. 40 ($1) per day. Anjamma's husband, however, is an alcoholic and spends much of the family income on liquor. As a result, Anjamma relies on SKS for consumption loans to make ends meet. To add to her sorrows, Anjamma used to live in a thatched hut which offered little protection from both the elements and intruders.

One night, Anjamma was sexually assaulted while her husband was out drinking. Following the assault, SKS gave Anjamma a group fund loan of Rs.1,500 ($35) and an emergency loan of Rs.1,000 ($25) to build a new house. Together with borrowings from friends Anjamma was able to build a small stone home. Some months later Anjamma became pregnant with her second child, and SKS assisted her by providing a maternal health loan. She gave birth to a healthy boy and proudly refers to the child as the "Sangam's baby."

Anjamma recently secured an income-generating loan with which she purchased a goat. When asked about SKS, Anjamma said, "the Sangam has been with me in my difficulties. They took care of me as a father takes care of his daughter."


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