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Income Generating Loans


SKS provides loans for income generating activities in an attempt to break the vicious cycle of "low income, low savings, low investment," into an expanding system of "low income, investment credit, more income, increased credit, more income." These loans carry a fifteen percent flat interest rate along with one percent upfront fee and must be repaid in 50 weekly installments. SKS' guiding principle is to provide opportunity, not charity. Our approach is to enable the poor to lift themselves out of poverty by providing an unlimited stream of credit rather than one-time charitable grants that are short-term solutions to long-term economic problems.


Mid Term Loans


Mid Term loan is available to members after 25 weeks of repayment of IG loan. Maximum limit of this loan is the difference of the eligible IG loan limit for the current cycle and the availed IG loan amount. The terms and conditions of this loan are otherwise same as IG loan.

Note: At any given point of time the availed IG loan and Mid Term loan amount should not exceed the maximum IG loan limit of the member for that cycle.


MTL loan amount would be the Difference between IG loan availed and maximum amount available in current IG loan cycle.  The term of loan is 50 weeks with Weekly payment mode and 15% of Flat rate interest. MTL will be given only when IG Loan crosses 25 weeks.


Group Fund Loans


Any member can take an interest free loan from fund created from the compulsory savings for short terms consumption needs. The group members independently determine the repayment schedule without the involvement of SKS staff. Group fund savings and loans eliminate the need for the poor to depend on the landlord for their day to day needs.



Emergency Loans


SKS members are eligible to take up to Rs. 1500 ($35) in a fiscal year for emergencies. These loans are provided interest free and must be repaid within 20 weeks. Emergency loans are given only in times of dire need to meet expenses such as funerals, hospital admissions, prenatal care and other crisis situations. 



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