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Expansion Goals & New Initiatives

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Jump Start Education Program

Our Goals for 2001
Our Vision for 2005

Over the last two years, SKS has laid a strong foundation for growth. Now SKS is scaling up so that it can reach 25,000 poor families over the next five years. To accommodate that growth, SKS will be forming a sister organization, Swayam Krishi Sangam Microfinance Ltd., through which SKS will conducts its savings and loan program for the poor. This finance company will give SKS the proper channel for significant growth and will put SKS on the path towards financial sustainability. Most important, SKS is structuring the company such that its members will be the majority stakeholders, thereby creating a community-owned financial institution in which genuine ownership is in the hands of the poor.

SKS' Progress:
SKS' Goals:
SKS' Vision:
Branches 1 5 16
Village Sangams 50 272 1000
Members 889 6,800 25,000
Member Savings $5,163 $58,930 $552,558
Consumption Loans $9,810 $321,419 $2,993,419
Income Generating & Seasonal Loans $44,128 $721,395 $8,212,517


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