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How YOU can help:

•Monetary Contributions: Any donation, no matter how small, is gratefully appreciated. Click here for a donor form
•Contribute through your profession: Every individual can help us by spreading the word of SKS' work amongst universities, businesses and industries, and even amongst friends and neighbors in India and USA. Consider donating your expertise in financial analysis, marketing, or grantwriting, for example!
•Medical Professionals
: You can donate medical equipment and information on preventive health care, AIDS, family planning, etc.

•Faculty members: You can donate books or help us in developing a curriculum for our literacy and education programs.
•Artists and Cultural Associations: You can explore the possibility of holding joint fund-raising shows, concerts, or events.
•Furniture and Office Supplies: Is that old printer still sitting in your closet? Consider donating office supplies or office furniture to help us keep our costs low.
•Frequent Flyer Miles: Donation of your frequent flyer miles helps our staff to monitor our projects, attend global conferences, and bring in additional aid.

What your dollars can do:

•Monetary Contributions: Your support makes all the difference in the world! Often what might seem like a small amount of money to you will make a tremendous difference in the lives of women and their families in India. Here's what your donation can achieve:

•$50 will provide a loan for a woman to buy a pottery wheel and tools to make pottery to sell in the marketplace.
•$100-$150 will provide the necessary start-up capital for a woman to start her own business and break the cycle of debt for her family.
•$120 will pay for a child's immunizations for one year.
•$150 will provide a loan to a woman to buy gardening tools and seeds to grow food to feed her family and sell in the market.
•$180 will allow a woman to purchase a cow and feed it for one year.
•$250 will provide basic education and vocational training to an Indian child.
•$350 will make you an SKS Student's Aide by supporting the costs of school supplies for a preschool of 30 children for one year.
•$200 to $499 will make you a Friend of SKS provide basic education for an Indian child and a loan in the form of a loom, yarn and weaving tools to generate income for the family of the child.
•$500 and above will make you a Friend of the Family by supporting a collective of five women to start their own business, or can provide three meals a day for a family of four for one year.
•$1,500 and above will make you a Friend of the Children and will allow us to train 15 village women to become teachers.
•$5,000 and above will make you a Sangam Sponsor by helping a collective of women to support themselves for one year. This donation could be also used to construct a Balwadi School in a new village.
•$12,000 will make you an Honorary Bus Driver and will enable SKS to purchase a van for the preschools.
•$25,000 and above will make you an SKS Benefactor and will enable SKS to start a village banking program in a new community. An investment of this scale is required to create a solid foundation in terms of staff, systems, and working capital. Once established, a program of this size can reach self-sufficiency in three to five years, and, leveraging its start-up equity, can attract commercial financing to reach an ever-expanding number of low-income borrowers.

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