Investor Relations

SKS is conscious of the fact that the funds required for meeting huge microfinance demand is available only with commercial funders. In its efforts to attract commercial funding into the microfinance sector, SKS has been in the forefront. It has raised equity from a wide range of investors – from Government-backed development funds from SIDBI to Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Private equity and recently from mainstream financial institutions.

Our financial partners include some of the best investing and progressive minds. With their deep experience in human capital, social networking, and entrepreneurship, they provide invaluable guidance for SKS.

Significantly, Mutual Benefit Trusts representing the interests of the members have a significant share along with employees in SKS. By doing this, SKS ensures that its growth helps its members’ interests and also contributes to the well being of its employees.


SKS reports its financial statements under Indian GAAP. Track operational and financial performance over different time periods. Read the quarterly updates on results and achievements. Also, check on actual performance versus guidance.

Investing in SKS

SKS is the first listed microfinance entity in Asia. Track SKS stock, shareholders details, capital build up and analyst coverage of SKS.

Corporate Governance

Understand the people, processes and policies that direct, administer and manage our company with a view to achieve long term strategic goals to satisfy shareholders, creditors, employees, customers and suppliers, and complying with the legal and regulatory requirements.

Corporate Information

Trace the history and key milestones of SKS even as you get to know the top team, products and key initiatives at SKS. Also visit education center to read general and investor FAQs and watch related videos.

News and Updates

See the news SKS has been sharing with public over the years and also view what media has been writing about SKS.

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