Veera Mani
Age: 35 years
Village: Kadpal, Kaler Mandal
Family Members: Mother Aged 80 years

Widow with very old mother and 8 year old school going son to take care of, Veera Mani never gave up hope against the myriad challenges of life. Targeted as ultra poor, SKS helped her in transformative livelihoods with a small goat bank. In 12 months she could successfully diversify her livelihoods base, plowing back the income and micro savings out of sale of goats. She now has a coin box operated telephone booth, is a volunteer in ASA HIV Programme and is also Helper in local Anaganwadi (child nutrition school). She has vision to graduate herself as an entrepreneur with multitude of goats as stock alongside “provision shop” attached to the Telephone Booth. Incidentally she is also learning the ropes to become Bare Foot Health Scout in SKS Ultra Poor Programme.

Juttu Poolamma
Age: 40 years
Village: Dosapally
Family Members: Anitha (Daughter, 16 years), Suresh, (Son, 11 years) and Mamatha, (Daughter, 7 years )

Widow with 3 children, Padma is living with her parents. After 14 years of marriage her husband died of Rabies. In spite of her life being mired in innumerable challenges, she has educated her children with elder daughter Anitha studying in class 10th at Gajjada village, son Suresh studying in class 7th at Sangareddy hostel and younger daughter Mamatha studying in class 4th at Dosapally village.

She is the lone earning member in her family, main income source being daily labor, earning INR 450 per month (USD 9). She has inherited one goat and half acre of unproductive dry land from her mother. She is not a member of SHG and has borrowed INR 3000 from money lenders to perform her husband’s death ceremony.

When her husband was alive she was member of MFI but dropped out after his death because there was no definite source of income to take the rigors of Micro Finance activity.

Poolamma naturally got empanelled as Ultra Poor Member through the targeting process and the SKS transformative livelihood plans have brought in load of difference. Choosing goat rearing as livelihood option as it is amenable to her regular daily wage earning, she is into second cycle of livelihoods, enlarging the stock and moving forward confidently. She is now prepared to take up micro insurance policy facilitated by SKS, which gives her old age endowment and regular pension from 60 years onwards.

Tenkati Pushpamma
Age: 30 years
Village: Malakpur
Family Members:Manikyam (Father, 60 year old) and Mothemma (Mother, 55 year old)

Mentally challenged destitute, her husband abandoned her 9 yrs ago. She lives with her parents, and as an agriculture laborer, earns INR 200 (USD 4) per month. Pushpamma has been suffering from Hysteric Fits and other mental and neurological ailments that prevent her from long hours of physical work. Her parents are also not in working age group. Pushpamma has two brothers but they do not live close by nor do they support her.

Along with other 21 members who are targeted as Ultra Poor in the village, Sayamma is working herself out of poverty with milch cattle as livelihood asset. Already generating stable income through sale of milk, she has plans to enlarge her livelihoods resource base in the next 3 years. Her daily incomes from sale of milk are fairly stabilized and local MFI started looking at her as potential client with repayment capacities.