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Success Stories

Pultibai's is from the fisher community and is originally from Gudpally village. Her husband and two sons cast nets and catch fish while Putlibai, her daughter and mother-in-law clean and process the fish. Putlibai then sells the fish in various bazaars (markets) each day. Unable to earn a livelihood in Gudpally, Putlibai and her family migrated to Raipally, which is on the banks of the Manjira river. Her family was able to somewhat improve its situation, but survival was still a struggle. Then SKS started a sangam in Raipally, and things improved dramatically for Putlibai and her family.

Putlibai took a loan of Rs. 1,500 (US$35) to buy more nets. Her husband and two sons, who had previously had only eight nets and were able to average approximately 6 kilos of fish per day, now tripled their daily catch and increased their weekly income. Encouraged by the success, Pultibai took a second year loan of Rs. 6,000 (US$142) for even more nets. Today, the daily catch is about 50 kilos per day and Putlibai uses a nearby cold storage plant to store unsold fish for the next day. Her weekly net income averages around Rs. 800 (US$19) per week. Putlibai's success has inspired others-even non-fisher families-to take up fishing as a profession.

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