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Success Stories

Purchasing water buffaloes and cows is a very popular income-generating activity for SKS members. The reason is simple. Most villagers have the skills to take care of milk-producing animals, and the potential income a member can earn is very high. Consider Narsamma of Chandkhanpally village. With a first year loan of Rs. 4,000 (US$95), Narsamma bought a buffalo that produced two liters of milk per day which is sold to a milk collector who comes directly to her home. With this minimal effort, Narsamma increased her weekly income by about Rs. 100 (US$2.50).

In the second year, Narsamma took a loan of Rs. 6,000 (US$142) and purchased yet another buffalo, a larger one which produced three and one-half liters of milk a day. Narsamma's weekly income rose by an additional Rs. 170 (US$4). Combined with her earnings from her first buffalo, Narsamma has now become the major source of income for the family. Accordingly, her status has improved in the household, and Narsamma notes, "Even my father-in-law shows me greater respect now."

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